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On Sunday, September 19, 2010, Ideas • Impact • China, the first TEDxMFZU event from the Melton Foundation, Zhejiang University (MFZU) will be hosted in Zhejiang University National Science Park.

Students, faculties and alumni of the six partner universities of the Melton Foundation, BMS College of Engineering (Banglore, India), Dillard Univeristy (New Orleans, USA), Friedrich Schiller University (Jena, Germany), Universidad de La Frontera (Temuco, Chile), WestmarUniversity (Le Mars, Iowa, USA), and Zhejiang Univeristy (Hangzhou, China) will be invited to Hangzhou. TEDxMFZU will present  not only featured live TEDx talks, selected TED videos, but also performance and demos from local community, and an interactive reception.

Ideas Impact China, the first TEDxMFZU event will stay true to the spirit of TED – sharing ideas from some greatest thinkers and doers in the world, who will tell their own “China stories” in 18 minutes.

The speaker will

  1. Strive to create the best talk.
  2. Reveal something never seen before.
  3. Do something the audience will remember forever.
  4. Share an idea that can change the world.
  5. Share passions and dreams.
  6. Speak of failure as well as success.

For more information about Melton Foundation please visit: www.meltonfoundation.org

About the Curator

Photo Name Responsibility Status Introduction
Jiayu Liu Speaker Junior Fellow, MF

Sophomore Student, Computer Science, Zhejiang University

Fond of information technology; Passionate and curious about everything wonderful in life and the knowledge behind it; Having a belief that science and technology is the fundamental driving force of human community and that China with its underlying great potential will be prominent in future and just can’t wait to prove it.
Qifei Zhu Communications Junior Fellow, MF

Junior Student, Finance, Zhejiang University

Qifei Zhu loves to talk to interesting people, because the greatest sparkle of wisdom is created in the communication.
Huilan Ying Sponsorship &Finance Mentor

Professor, Zhejiang University

Ying Huilan is now interested in online learning and enjoy reading and being with friends sharing ideas.
Performance Senior Fellow, MF

University of Southern California

Jiangyang is currently a Ph.D student at the University of Southern California. He loves outdoor adventures, and is a superfan of “the Amazing Race” and “Survivor”. He loves theater and contemporary art, though he was a terrible actor on the stage. As a cosmopolitan, he traveled across 14 different countries, yet never able to find where he belongs to. Recently, he really got into film photography and Marathon training.
Wa Yuan Logistic& Attendees Senior Fellow, MF

Northwestern University

Wa Yuan is currenty a PhD candidate at Northwestern University. She likes talking to different kinds of people and exchange their advantures of life. That’s why she enjoys every talk of TED.
Li Zhen Design Senior Fellow, MF

China Merchants Securities

Zhenli is currently working in China Merchant Securities. He likes hiking as much as he likes thinking. During the journey, there is much time for him to meet interesting residents and consider big problems. He was once inspired by a TED Talk and since then tried all he could to initiate a TEDx event in his mother campus.
Pedro Poblete Lasserre Webdesign Senior Fellow, MF

Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada.

Pedro is a community psychologist recently graduated from Universidad de La Frontera, in Temuco, Chile. Interested both in social sciences and technology, he often finds himself working as a webdesigner for NGOs and social programs. He became interested with TED after watching Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 Talk (available in the Talk Share), and embraced the potential of the motto “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

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