1.    Why would I go to a TEDx talk?

TEDx talks are given by great speakers who are specialized and passionate in a specific area. They are chosen to talk not only because of their thoughts but also their unique experience. You may be inspired by one of their speeches and thus change the ways you think or work, or even your life. Why not take a try and enjoy a meal of great thoughts from all around the world.

2.    How can I attend the coming TEDxMFZU event?

We will have an online application form for you. This will make us know you and your requirement better, and prepare a better TEDx event. Please note the updated information on the website. The application window will open on 1st Sept.

3.    Is it possible for me to be a volunteer of the TEDxMFZU event?

You are always welcome to be a volunteer. Please send a mail to the curator. Your help will be much appreciated.

4.    I want to learn more about the interactive reception.

The reception is a specially organized break during the event. You can see interesting demos in the corridor while being served with drinks and snacks. It is also good time for audience and speakers to interact. At the same time, if you have something that is cool and want to show  to others in this session, you may contact us. We look forward to your interesting work coming to the event.

5.    Can I give a talk or show a performance in the event?

It is highly possible that we miss your master pieces due to the limit of our knowledge. We are more than happy to receive your mail about your idea. We advise you to take a look at the theme as well as the talks we share on the site. Please leave a phone number, if possible, so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

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