• Calvin Chinco-founder and CEO of Qifang.com, advisor, lecturer

    Calvin Chin is co-founder and CEO of Qifang.com, China’s leading online student loan service and the first Chinese company recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer. He has previously worked in entrepreneurial and leadership roles in education, banking and technology startups in New York, Silicon Valley and Shanghai. He serves as an advisor, lecturer and mentor to students, entrepreneurs and startups on strategy, fundraising and social responsibility, social innovation and social entrepreneurship. He is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, a Social Innovation Park Fellow and was named 2009 Chinese Business Leader of the Year by Horasis and Baker & McKenzie. He has an MBA from TRIUM (NYU, LSE, HEC Paris) and a B.A. from Yale University.

  • Johanna StahlResearch Assistant in face perception

    After graduating from Friedrich Schiller University of Jena(Germany) with a MSc in Psychology, She has started working as a teaching assistant in the Department for General Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences. Over the course of her PhD, her research focused on behavioural and neural correlates of the Own-Race Bias in face perception, a research stream that was also inspired by the experiences she gathered as a Fellow of the Melton Foundation. Humans are generally better when recognizing faces from their own ethnicity as compared to other-race faces, a phenomenon
    described as Own-Race Bias. Her talk will exemplify that this phenomenon is not only a behavioral effect, but also closely related to differences in the early neural processing of own- and other-race faces, which in turn may be altered by a variety of factors.

  • Yang YanDirector of Animated series

    Yang Yan is a graduate from Animation School of Beijing Film Academy. As an Executive Director of Animated series, she brings joy to children with paintbrush and inspiration. She also helps in bringing about social awareness by making short movies to the public through news media. In school, her animated short film, “Kitchen”, won Ada Award, Kuai Rui Award and she was nominated for “Best New Artist Award” in the 17th annual Academy Beijing Film Academy Awards. The video series in memory of Wenchuan earthquake, “Son, we are with you.” won the 2008 class of the third film and television public service ads Competition Silver Award. She will bring some special produced animated videos to the conference, and share with the audiences about the stories behind the scenes.

  • Yan HaimingPh.D. candidate in sociology, travel writer

    Yan Haiming is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Virginia. He is conducting an in-depth ethnographic study on China’s world heritage sites, investigating how globalization and westernization physically reshape the Chinese heritage and reproduce its symbolic meanings as well as the collective memories of local people. In addition to being a scholar, Haiming could also be characterized as a travel writer. He has visited most world heritage sites in China and the U.S. Consisting of point-of-views through the sociological lens, his writings raised deep questions and concerns about the dialectic relationship between history, modernity, and mass tourism. Haiming is actively engaged in cross-cultural communication. He is the founder of V Ke Magazine, the first Chinese magazine solely run by Chinese students in the United States; and he is the first actor performing Chinese standby comedian – Xiang Sheng at New York’s Lincoln Center.

  • Carol ChyauCo-founder of Shokay

    Carol Chyau is the co-founder of Shokay (www.shokay.com), a socially responsible lifestyle brand based in China that promotes yak down. Shokay has won numerous distinctions, and through this work, Carol is also an Echoing Green Fellow and an Asian Finalist for the 2009 Cartier Women’s Initiative Award. Carol graduated from Harvard Kennedy School’s Masters in Public Administration/International Development (MPA/ID) program and the University of Pennsylvania’s joint-degree Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business (BS/BA). During the course of her studies at Harvard, Carol worked with the United Nations Development Programme in New York City and Thailand. She completed projects studying Information Communication Technologies in Thailand and Growing Sustainable Business projects in New York. She also studied Internet connectivity in rural areas in Cambodia as a World Resources Institute case writer and worked in microfinance with EDPYME Edyficar in Lima, Peru. Carol loves to travel and is fluent in Chinese, Spanish, and English.

  • Shao XuhuiChief Technology Officer at Turn, US

    Shao Xuhui earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota. Currently as Chief Technology Officer at Turn, he focuses on the power of optimization, machine learning and advanced analytics solutions in driving new business models, products and services across all industries. He is the lead inventor and co-inventor of three awarded patents in the areas of advanced analytics and optimization. For the last 12 years, Xuhui has practiced research and development in machine learning, statistical theory and computational intelligence for Fortune 100 companies in various industries from banking, finance, online retailing, healthcare, insurance, marketing, and online advertising. In this TEDx conference he will be talking about data-driven thinking, a new analytical mindset in solving social, economic, business, and technology problems.

  • Cao Xidrama teacher and researcher

    Cao Xi earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Central Academy of Drama, majoring in playwriting, followed by a Master of Philosophy degree from Beckett Centre, Trinity College Dublin in 2008. Since then he has been deeply involved with the Actor/Non-Actor training program for many different institutions. His anthropological and sociological viewpoints toward theatre have made his theatre practice unique. On the first anniversary of Sichuan earthquake, he struck the audiences by putting an inexperienced person who survived from both Tangshan and Sichuan earthquakes onstage to talk about her experiences and relations with Earthquakes. Recently he turned his interests into applying theatre to education, he is serving as both drama teacher and researcher in Drama Rainbow, an organization dedicated to Drama in Education, as well as the trainer and director of Amateur Theatrical Society supervised by Beijing Dramatist Association. His talk will be on “Theatre as Impact”, the possibilities of theatre in education.

  • Garrison LuCo-founder & CEO of Raleigh China

    Garrison Lu is the Co-founder & CEO of Raleigh China, MPA. Raleigh China is the 6th Raleigh International Society in Asia, which is aimed to develop young people who are self-confident, active and passionate global citizens. After his transformational experience with Raleigh 12 years ago as a venturer, Garrison Lu decided it would be meaningful and also his duty to bring Raleigh into China and more young Chinese. After the head office of Raleigh China established in Shanghai in 2008, Garrison and his team has so far covered over 50 college promotions and 16 assessment weekends in 8 cities across China and two national expeditions in the year of 2009 and 2010. With its 38,000 national members, Raleigh is becoming a vital option for young people to develop themselves.


  • Wenqin Art Troupe performing a traditional dance

    Zhejiang University Wenqin Art Troupe

    Zhejiang University Wenqin Art Troupe was established in 2001 under the sponsorship of alumna Ms. Yao Wenqin in order to strengthen the education of culture and arts. Wenqin Art Troupe currently consists of six subgroups: the symphony orchestra, the chorus group, the dancing group, the folk music orchestra, the keyboard group and the theatre group, with a total of over 300 students from a variety of schools and institutes.

  • Yan Junjiesand animator

    Junjie is a famous sand animator in China. He graduated from the Chinese National Academy of Art in 2000, with a degree in Visual Communication Design. In 2001, he founded his own studio in Shanghai, the “Yan Junjie Creative Design Studio”. Since 2008, he started to explore sand animation as a dynamic performance art. The sand-painting artworks of Junjie have been shown on many important events in China, including: National Geography Channel Documentary the Bund Shanghai Release Conference, Tudou Film Festival, Shanghai Television Festival Award for Documentary Channel MIDI Awards Show, etc. In 2010, Junjie’s sand animation performed to the Yellow River Concerto played by world-famous pianist Lang Lang.

  • Andrea BenedetPerformer, Actor

    Andrea was born in a small Italian city near Venice 38 years ago. He obtained his diploma from the School of Theatre in Bologna, where his work was developed with Masks. Andrea spent his early career on classical pieces, such as “The Merchant of Venice” (dir. by Elena Bucci), “Romeo and Juliette” (dir. by W. LeMoli, role: Mercutio), “George Dandin” (dir. by Walter Le Moli) and “Edward II” (dir. by Ennio Trinelli, role: Edward II). One of Andrea’s most profound theatrical explorations was with renowned Director Ariane Mnounchkine of the Thèatre du Soleil of Paris, in which he drifted from the more classical forms of theatre towards more “experimental” forms – where the actor is more and more the author of his own performance. Over the last ten years Andrea has collaborated with the diverse and innovative members of this European experimental theatre community. Since 2007 he has lived in Beijing, China, acting in several movies and TV productions and currently teaches “creative drama” at a children’s theatre school in Beijing.

  • May Garces (“MaY”)singer, dancer & painter

    Marjorie Garcés is a chilean singer, dancer & self-taught painter . She is currently studying Education at De La Frontera University in Temuco Chile. Her experience in education is broad teaching English, Physical education, Dancing and Singing in different educational institutions. She has been an active member of the Melton Foundation and among the projects she has coordinated are, the “Chilean & Latin music sessions” at the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts in Bangalore, India and “Indian Music: between art and science” in different Music schools in Temuco Chile. She has been soloist in different choirs in Chile and New Orleans, USA and has performed with renowned Chilean musicians. She is currently working on her first solo album.

  • Li ZhiyongFather of “Kung Fu Bunny”

    Born in 1982, Heilongjiang Province, Zhiyong (Vincent) Li is a self-taught animator . He graduated from Jilin University with a master degree in transportation and is currently a lecturer at the Animation Department of Communication University of China. He created the award-winning “Kung Fu Bunny” series, which received tremendous response from both Chinese and international audiences with millions of online hits. Featured on many well-known media (including CCTV and Global Times), “Kung Fu Bunny” has been nominated and awarded at animation festivals all around the world, including world’s most prestigious animation events – Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart, AniFest International Festival of Animated Films, etc. Selected as part of “2009 National Art Exhibition”, Vincent’s work was exhibited at the Chinese National Gallery of Art. It was also supported by the Ministry of Culture as part of the “Original Animation Support Program”.


  • Interactive Theater. Graduate Project by Feng Chao, ZU Digital Media Department

    Digital Media

    Founded in 2004, the Department of Digital Media Technology of Zhejiang University is characterized by its outstanding hybrid of media technology and art design. In today’s Reception, TEDxMFZU has selected a collection of interesting interactive projects as well as short videos designed and made by ZU Digital Media undergraduates/graduates to perform to you the excellence of ideas and digital media technology.

    WING. Interactive Project by Feng Chao, ZU Digital Media Department

  • Light Gap. Designed by Wei Chengyuan, ZU Institute of Design

    Industrial Design

    The Institute of Design was founded in 1990. Research areas of the Institute of Design include design theory and methods, product development and design, visual communication design, environment design, CAD/CAM, and human-machine engineering. The institute has cultivated for the modern society many high level intellectuals in different fields such as industrial product shape design, product development design, design management, company image design, exhibition design, information design, transportation design, public facility design, system design, etc.

    Panel Bin. Designed by Qiu Yiwu, ZU Institute of Design

  • Logo of Chongqing Independent Film & Video Festival

    The Chongqing Independent Film and Video Festival (CIFVF)

    Founded 4 years ago, CIFVF is the only independent film festival in Western China. As a significant regional cultural event, the CIFVF has built up a large and enthusiastic following, introduced to audiences dozens of new and exciting filmmakers in contemporary China, screened dozens of features, documentary, animation and experimental films and thus has helped spread a culture of independent film and video in China mainland. The 4th CIFVF would be held in Chongqing from November 14th to 20th. For more info, please visit www.cifvf.org

  • Life with Happiness

    Genre: Documentary
    Runtime: 29 minutes
    Director: Hsu Ya-Ting
    Happy Life Sanatorium, the only quarantine hospital for leprosy in Taiwan throughout history. The infectious disease used to cause massive panic due to the backward treating at that time; over one thousand patients were forcibly segregated from the rest of society. Some patients lived their whole life in the sanatorium. Yet the government decides to tear down the Happy Life Sanatorium in order to build a new airport. Three hundred elderly residents of the sanatorium are requested to move away, so they stand up together to fight for what they regard as home.

  • Hard Old Rock I

    Genre: Documentary
    Runtime: 30 minutes
    Director: Shan Zuolong
    A hard old rock, a hard old man.
    83 years old, unmarried, no children.
    Unyielding to people, society, history, system, fate, surroundings and even himself.
    A dramatic life that goes up and down with the historical tides.

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