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Openning Drums

TEDxMFZU begins with the energetic drumbeats of the Zhejiang University Wenqin Art Troupe, and this is followed by the introductions to TED, TEDx and the Melton Foundation.

Calvin Chin – Coming Home

US-born-Chinese Calvin Chin tells the stories of his two grandfathers who moved from China to the US and, finally, the story about his shift back to China. Drawing from his family history, he gives the broader picture of a developing China and a changing world.

Garrison Lu – Raleigh, The Different Education

Garrison Lu tells his story of an inspiring expedition with Raleigh, an NGO that combines outdoor adventure with social service that highlights the core values of Raleigh: ‘real education is to be experienced rather than to be told’ and ‘each young person is a lovely, beautiful individual with great potential given the right chances’.

Haiming Yan – Establishing Real Chinese World Heritage

Grad student Haiming Yan reflects on his research of China’s 40 World Heritage sites and concludes that the Chinese undervalue their own cultural heritage. His solution: Don’t blindly accept western culture; “Chinese” the West through a more strategic telling of China’s story.

Xi Cao – Theatre as Impact

Xi Cao, drama teacher and researcher, shares his experiences of teaching children through the medium of drama. He reminds us that life is nothing but a play with symbols, and so play is our nature; theater provides us the opportunity to play.

Andrea Benedet – Neutral Mask

Italian artiste Andrea Benedet performs “Neutral Mask”, a mime, wearing a neutral mask and expressing himself through several movements of his body.

Xuhui Shao – Data Driven Thinking

Xuhui Shao, Chief Technology Officer at Turn, answers the question: “How do we survive in this high-technology, data-driven world?” The secret of data-driven thinking is to use the best data with the least bias, love uncertainty and freely construct hypotheses – so that we can make the best decisions.

Junjie Yan – Sand Animation

Junjie is a famous sand animator in China. He graduated from the Chinese National Academy of Art in 2000, with a degree in Visual Communication Design. In 2001, he founded his own studio in Shanghai, the “Yan Junjie Creative Design Studio”. Since 2008, he started to explore sand animation as a dynamic performance art. The sand-painting artworks of Junjie have been shown on many important events in China, including: National Geography Channel Documentary the Bund Shanghai Release Conference, Tudou Film Festival, Shanghai Television Festival Award for Documentary Channel MIDI Awards Show, etc. In 2010, Junjie’s sand animation performed to the Yellow River Concerto played by world-famous pianist Lang Lang.

Carol Chyau – Social Enterprise: What the Original Socialist Market Economy Meant to be

Social Entrepreneur Shokay’s Carol Chyau tells of starting a social enterprise in China – in empowering the poor through her Tibetan textile business she was realizing her own dream. Starting off from a simple economics formula, Carol explains that social enterprises could be the one efficient solution to solve wealth inequality.

Johanna Stahl – The World in a Face

Johanna Stahl speaks about the secret of faces and recognizing them. She shares her findings about human faces and the own-race bias in recognizing them – the experiences and the environment we are living in affect our ability to recognize faces.

Interview with Yan Yang – News Events Behind Animation

Filmmaker Yan Yang talks about her animation works, her inspirations and her understanding of animation; she also shows two of her works. Filled with many flavors of Chinese traditional culture, her works are mixed with red colors and elements of Chinese ballad.

Marjorie Garcés – Voice and the road to a perfect sound

Chilean singer and dancer Marjorie Garcés sings two of her own songs. One of them, “Positive Changes”, is about her reflections as a Melton Fellow. She also talks about how music influences our moods and thoughts.

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